On-Going Classes for Youths


 The Cobalt Activity Center, Creswell, Oregon

Creswell Resident Sensei R.Vicente Rubio instructs all classes



Martial Art Classes

Aikido –A Japanese Martial Art of non-violence


             CHILDREN : Ages 5 - 8 years OLD                    4:30-5:30pm

             MIx OPen level                                                    5:30-6:30pm

             SPecial trainiing                                               6:30-7:PM

Aikido, which translates to- 'Way of harmony' -is a Japanese martial of non-violence. A aikido practitioner learns to move and blend with aggression and stress. Not standing in one place one avoids getting hit. Sensei Rubio focuses on body conditioning, posture and alignment, extending and projecting energy and presence, and learning how to fall and recover. The student develops self-control, discipline and respectful behavior.


Capoeira - A Brazilian Martial Form

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 -4:30-pm

Capoeira is a very active and robust  martial art that has a 'dance -like' quality to it's appearance. Comprising  of evasive ground work, kicking skills and sweeping movements, Capoeira is both aerobic and an effective martial training. Accompanied by music and partner work, Capoeira is fun and uplifting!




                    $15/ single any class

                    $100/one (1) unlimited monthly classes of Capoeira or Aikido

                    $150/One (1) Unlimited monthly of Both CAPOEIRA and Aikido 

                    $150/ for one (1) and one sibling (1)- unlimited monthly classes of CAPOEIRA Or Aikido

                    $175/ For One (1) and one (1) sibling - UNLIMITED monthly Both Capoeira  and Aikido                                              

Sensei Rubio - A 5th Dan ­aikidoka under Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada, 8th Dan, New York Aikikai, N.Y, and a disciple of the martial arts since 1985 which included capoeira, aikido, and mixed close-combat martial training. 

Also, a former professional dancer/choreographer and teacher for 30 years, Sensei Rubio is a compassionate, clear communicator and master teacher on Mind/Body Health, Fitness and Well-being training. He has been in private practice since 1990 as a Life/social skills mentor to young people, ages 11-28 years old, on the Autism Spectrum (AS) in New York, Oregon, California, and most recently Hawai’i. He also worked extensively with adults with special needs, and individuals who suffered from PTSD and TBI.           

For more information

Sensei R.Vicente Rubio   541 658-5354        Email: creswellaiki808@gmail.com



“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit” – Aikido Founder -Morihei Ueshiba