R. Vicente Rubio


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Creswell, Oregon 97426



·  Gifted educator, facilitator and inspirational speaker, Vicnete has had ability to resonate and align successfully with individuals challenged with social, behavioral and physical issues from elementry, middle-school aged to post college aged individuals for the last 30 years in both public venues and private practice. Vicente has mentored a wide spectrum of young people from nuro-typical youths, teens-at-risks, fringe teens, youths on the Autism Spectrum; those with Down Syndrome , those suffering from PTSD, low-self-esteem, victims of bullying, and victims of sexual assults. Vicente specializes in mentoring life-skills, social skils and developing health and well-being individualize programs for independent living. Vicente himself is a victim of child abuse suffering from Post Tramutic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Tramutic Brain Injury (TBI). Vicente was diagnosed to have Asperger’s Syndrome in 2010. He has used his life experinces to inspire, enlighten and awaken his studentes and mentees to their own powerful, resilent and creative selves.


Volunteer Experience

·  2015-2016   Molokai’i , HI- volunteered once weekly flying from Maui to Molokai’i to assit with physical rehabilitaiton for a Trumatic Brain Injury (TBI) young adult age 22 years old, recovering from serious scar accident

·  2011-2013 – San Jose Rose Gardens, San Jose, CA - 780 volunteer hours: weeding, planting, prunning, dead-heading, public relations

·  2011 – San Diego Rose Gardens, San Deigo -  170 volunteer hours: weeding, planting, prunning, dead-heading, public relations



Professional Experiences and Training

•   2014- 2017 : La’a Kea Farms, Paia. HI – Day leader (2016-2017) responsible for preparing daily staff and particpants schedules. Teaching Qi-Gong classes, Creative movement dance class, lead drumming class, adaptive PE class/aikido and daily life skills mentoring lectures weekly to adults 19-39 years old with Down’s syndrome, on the autism spectrum, and challenged with learning, developmental and physical challenges.

•   2014 – 2017  Kihei, HI - Private practice for young adults on the autism spectrum

•   2014 – 2016Kihei,HI – worked privately with a TBI young adult recovering from serriouscar accident

•   2013 - 2016 Maui Autism Center, Kihei, HI – Teaching adaptive PE class/aikido x2 weekly to children 7-11 with learning, developmental challenges and autism. Also asked to privately mentor three students ages 09-13 on the autism spectrum

•   2014 – Teaching Women’s Combat Self–Defense Workshops, Paia, HI

•   2013 – Speaker at the 14th Annual conference on Autism, Manila, Philippines October 27-29th 2013

•   2013 - Lead speaker of Autism Research Institute’s - 2 week Mission to the Philippine Islands to advocate Autism awareness and Mind/ Body training techniques – 15th-24th Feb 2013

•   2012: A panel member consisting of adults on the Autism spectrum speaking to SFUSD’s OTs and PTs – 28th April 2012   SF, CA

•   2012: Lead speaker of Autism Research Institute’s - 2 week Mission to the Philippine Islands to advocate Autism awareness and Mind/ Body training techniques – 06th-23rd June 2012

•   2011- 2013: Private practice mentoring young men on the autism spectrum ages 16-23 years old in Los Altos, Los Gatos, Redwood City, California area

•   2000-2006 – Director of High Point Mountain Aikikai and BodyKi Center, Shokan, NY,  A center for heath/fitness, martial arts and dance classes

•   1990-2010: Worked with Hudson Valley, NY rape and sexual assault victims teaching self-defense classes, empowerment and health fitness programs

•   1990-2010: Hudson Valley, NY - Private Practice and Community educator using Mind/Body Techniques (multi-sensory, virtues of martial arts, and dance/theater) to young people with special needs (autism, teens at–risk, suicidal youth, teens with substance abuse, teens with low self-esteem, homeless teens, students with PTSD).

•   1988-98 - National Dance Institute (NDI) WEST – San Francisco, CA Choreographer and leader inbedded in three middle schools. End of the year performance.

•   1987-88 – Taught Dance and Theater workshops at the School of Performing Arts, San Francisco

•   1985-89 - Director of Rajada Falls Dance Theatre, NYC, NY

•   1985-86-Dance coordinator and choreographer with National Dance Institute (NDI) -  the Spanish Harlem Team leader under Jasque D’ Amboise. In residency dance progams for NYC area schools concluding with a performance at Madison Square Garden.

•   1980-85-Taught summer inner-city art and dance programs in New York and Boston.

•   1980-89 - Danced professionally and performed with NYC based dance companies.

•   1972-75 - Played football : Wide receiver, kick and punt returner, safety. Track and Field team: 100 yard dash , 220 yard dash, 440 relay team: anchor or lead postion, 120 yard high hurdles and 330 yard low-hurdles, long jump.


•   2004-SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY - B.A. Liberal Arts- Dance

•   1995 - Ulster County Community College, Stoneridge, NY - AS. Individual Studies/ Science

•   1981-85- Zena Rommet School of Ballet- Floor Barre –injury rehabilitation training, NYC, NY

•   1979-1981 - Full Scholarship at the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance, NYC. NY

•   1977- 2004-Career as a professional danseur, choreographer and teacher – national and international performance, NYC, NY

•   1977-78 –Ulster County Community College, Eugene, Oregon

•   1975 – Graduated from Los Lomas High School, Walnut Creek, CA



•   2010 – awarded 5th Degree Black Belt Aikido, United States Aikido Federation, NY - Y. Yamada Sensei 8th Dan – Head Instructor New York Aikikai

•   1980- 2017 - Practitioner and teacher of Capoeria, Close Combat Self-defense


•   ‘The Odyssey Of Woolly Mammoth Boy – ‘One Man’s Journey Through Autism, Racism, Grief and Surviving the American Dream’

 Together Editing and Design, Redwood City, CA 2014

•   ‘Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndome- Way of the Pathfinder Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 2008